Why Water?

For people in Honduras, clean water changes everything.

Safe water is the basis for human health and wellbeing and the foundation to healthy economies and communities. 

Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean.

Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 884 million people in the world don’t have access to safe water.  As a result, 1.4 million children die every year from water-borne illnesses–that’s 1 child every 20 seconds. 


Unsafe Water Results In a Staggering Number of Illnesses and Deaths

According to the World Health Organization and UN Water:

* 700 children, under the age of 5, die every day from diarrhea linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation. These illnesses are preventable and treatable (UN World Water Day Factsheet).

* Each year, almost one million deaths are attributed to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene practices (UN World Water Day Factsheet).

​* Diseases from dirty water kill more people  every year than all acts of war and violence, auto accidents, and HIV/AIDS combined (UN World Water Day Factsheet).

*At least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces (WHO).

* About 159 million people collect their drinking water from surface water, such as ponds and streams (UN World Water Day Factsheet).

* Half of the world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water-related disease (WHO).