Our Work

Today, over 638,000 people in Honduras do not have access to clean water, and over 50,000 children under the age of 5 die every year as a result of drinking impure water.*

*Engineers Without Borders/LeHigh University

Living Out Your Faith Ministries Inc. is committed to end the senseless suffering and death among children and their families caused by preventable waterborne diseases.  We work closely with community leaders, local pastors, and government officials in rural communities to provide access to clean, safe drinking water through a simple yet effective water filtration system which turns dirty, contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water.


Meeting Spiritual Needs Through Physical Aid

Countless times throughout the New Testament we hear about Jesus simultaneously providing for the physical and spiritual needs of the people. 

As an organization, we meet physical needs by providing clean, safe drinking water because that is where the physical need is. However, we don’t stop there.  Every installed water filter, is always accompanied with the sharing of the Gospel. That is our first priority, offering Christ’s gift of eternal life to all people.


Creating Lasting Change Through a 5-Stage Development Cycle

Before Living Out Your Faith Ministries Inc. undertakes a project, the project undergoes a 5-Stage Development Cycle :

Stage 1: Situational Analysis - A situation analysis gives clear understanding of the multiple factors causing the problems.

Stage 2: Planning - Developing a framework that provides a clear and precise description of what the project intends to achieve and how.

Stage 3:  Effective Implementation - A detailed activity plan with common strategies and approaches required to achieve the desired results is crucial.  Once the conceptual framework is developed, the plan is put into action.

Stage 4:   Monitoring and Evaluation - An effective monitoring and evaluation system keeps the project on track and performing as expected.

Stage 5:  Reflection, Learning and Sharing - Learning from both our successes and setbacks allows us to carry that knowledge and experience into other projects so that we may improve their quality and effectiveness and achieve greater impact.



LOYFM are wonderful, committed, passionate people. They show Christ’s love and message in all they do - Burt M.

Love working with these passionate leaders. They have a huge passion for international and local missions and make it very easy to partner with on local and international missions - Dave L.

They are 100% honest and passionate about spreading the Gospel to their neighbors and abroad! Raw and caring people who teach their children as well how to live their faith transparent! - Eniko B.

Jesus Christ is shared and glorified through this incredible ministry - Brandon Z.